Events, Testimony, Council Meetings

Testimonies on FY 2018 Proposed Budget, FY2017 Oversight Hearings.

Council Committee on Housing and Community Development. April 11, 2017:  Support for Housing Production Trust Fund

Council Committee on Human Services.  April 24, 2017: Support for TANF Restructuring Legislation

Council Visits – The DC Council has 13 members – a chairman, 4 at large members, and 1 member for each of 8 Wards.

Good Faith has visited 7 of the 13 Council members since the first of the year about Good Faith’s priorities – affordable housing, year-round right to shelter, chronic homelessness, encampments, and Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) legislation.

Like to join a team visiting a Council member?  Contact:  Ron Castaldi,

  • One City for All – Good Faith Annual Meeting – October 23, 2016
    Is it possible to achieve oneness in a city that continues to ask: “who is my neighbor?”; “what is my fair share – in money and time?”; “what does it mean to welcome the stranger?”The moderator asked the panel final questions:  “what is the worst thing that could happen?  Where is our greatest exposure now? Is Relisha Rudd living in a motel today?  Who is Relisha Rudd in the singles’ shelter?  Is anyone monitoring?”
  • Singles are the crisis on the horizon.  801E is going to close.  What Ward is willing to accept hundreds of men who are homeless?  And there are families placed in motels out of the city with no contacts, food or transportation.
  • We need to deal with all problems related to homelessness, but I worry that there is another another Relisha Rudd living in the motels. The plight of the children scares me.  They are so vulnerable.
  • Death in the street, sleeping in a store where you work because you can’t get home, domestic violence, security at DC General, the Motels and violence in the street, all scare me.

p1010612We ask the Almighty to guide and inform all of us who experience the fullness of life to do all we can to move with your mercy and grace to heal those forgotten by their communities. Amen.

  • Spend 10 worthwhile minutes with the Biblical Roots of Justice as 4 clergy reflect on our call as faith communities to work for justice for our neighbors in need.  Watch the Video of the October 12th event (11 minutes).
  • Read the Covenant.  42 DC congregations and 5 faith organizations have signed the Covenant.  Encourage your congregation to become a participant in the covenant community!

  For more information:  John Hisle,, 301-325-8437.