Ambitious Goals for the City….

For many months Good Faith has been talking about the Mayor’s ambitious goals for the city, particularly in housing: the city needs “to create 36,000 new units of housing by 2025.”  The message continues: “…to get there we have to be bold – we must challenge ourselves to think differently and craft programs and policies that address needs of residents in every neighborhood and across the income spectrum.”

Our collective challenges, now more critical and immediate, require the same bold thinking – caring for our neighbors in the city who are poor and marginalized: the 1450 individuals living nightly in shelters, the more than 600 people often found unsheltered, living on the streets, the more than 5000 children in the schools who too often are homeless, people in recovery who won’t make it without a helping hand and the families in the short term housing waiting for a new start.

People who live with a safety net and many who don’t are now staying home. We are all learning new ways of being – and perhaps new ways of being still, listening more deeply and thinking differently. When the danger passes and it will, let us consider new choices and create new ways to live so that we all may live in peace and share prosperity.

While we wait, consider the helpers in our world. They need our prayers,  where possible they need us to volunteer and they need us to share our financial resources so that as many as possible will be safe and cared for.

Persons in DC emergency shelter February 2, 2020:  1216 single adults; 291 families with 549 children. 

READ MORE:  Recent articles in the local press that address the affordable housing challenge.

And we pray for those in positions of civic authority, servants of all the people. May their compassion, understanding and just actions lead to a city that measures its greatness by the care it provides for its people in need.
Rev. John Graham, Grace Episcopal
Church, Georgetown