GFCC Priorities – FY2016

IMG_0939Good Faith Priorities – FY 2016

 Good Faith Mission: Good Faith Communities Coalition is an alliance of faith communities in the District of Columbia who advocate for adequate and affordable housing and services for persons who are homeless and marginalized.

 Good Faith’s overall goals are based on the belief that all our neighbors are children of God and that safe, appropriate, affordable, sustainable housing is a human right and a community obligation.

Specific priorities based on the Mayor’s and Council approved FY 2016 Budget  include:

PROGRAMS AND SERVICES. Ensure that the BASICS for high quality social services are in place: on-going planning, funding, management and oversight as well as ongoing program evaluation based on data collected and analyzed. Specifically:

  •  reduce the maximum time families spend in shelter before re-housing to 60 days.
  • make available year round access to shelter for priority one families.
  • plan in detail closing DC General, replacing all units for families with smaller units throughout the city before closing.
  • plan the replacement of the shelter beds for single adults being taken offline fully before closing shelters.
  • increase use of Local Rent Supplement Program (tenant based) for rapid placement of families, especially larger families and families and individuals with special needs.
  • revamp Rapid Re-housing Program so that alternatives are available for those for whom the rent supplement is not long enough to resolve the issues that caused homelessness.
  • aggressively use Permanent Supportive Housing program to address chronic homelessness.
  • create outcome measures for major programs; collect performance data and based on analysis of the data, improve programs; hold program managers accountable for results; make data including financials and program evaluation transparent to public.

BRICKS AND MORTAR. Invest in increasing and preserving the affordable housing stock in the city, annually and over the next ten years.

  •  monitor closely spending in the Housing Production Trust Fund (HPTF) so that Council mandated expenditures of $100M/year result in out-the-door contracts.