About Us

Who is Good Faith Communities Coalition?
The Good Faith Communities Coalition is an alliance of faith communities in the District of Columbia started in late 2010.  The faith communities have come together voluntarily to educate themselves on issues related to homelessness and affordable housing in the District and  to advocate with and for our brothers and sisters who are without a permanent home.

Good Faith’s goal is for the District of Columbia to be recognized as a model city in which no family, man, woman or child lacks adequate shelter, food or health care.   A city that is judged great not only because of its support of individual liberties, but also its commitment to shared responsibilities. A city of good faith!

Why become a Good Faith partner?
Good Faith allows your congregation to join their voice and actions with other congregations in a prophetic message of commitment to address the needs of the homeless, poor and vulnerable in the District of Columbia—to create a just community for all.

Why limit the focus to affordable housing and homelessness?
The number of issues facing the DC poor and vulnerable is very large. Efforts to change public policy and priorities are most successful when focused on foundational element of an overall problem. For Good Faith affordable housing is that issue. If an individual or family have sustainable housing that meets their needs, a major crisis area is stabilized and other challenges can be addressed over time. Without housing, the “other challenges,” particularly for children, often multiply quickly with serious, long term consequences.

What does Good Faith Communities Coalition do?
–       work with other faith organizations, advocacy groups, service providers and elected and appointed officials to support the implementation of Homeward DC 2015-2020.
–       monitor and seek to influence the District budget and priorities so that the needs of the most vulnerable, particularly in the area of housing and safety net services, are addressed and commitments honored.
–       work to increase the knowledge and expertise within congregations on issues related to poverty, affordable housing and homelessness so that informed advocacy is widespread in faith communities.
–       advocate for long term strategies to end homelessness and increase the availability of affordable housing.

How did Good Faith Communities Coalition begin?
GFCC was created initially in late 2010through the Holy Trinity Catholic Church Tithe Grants to the DC Fiscal Policy Institute and the Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless. It became clear that effective advocacy on behalf of the homeless and marginalized was only possible through a broad coalition of faith communities speaking with one, strong voice – and thus GFCC began.

How is Good Faith Communities Coalition organized?
Representatives of the partner congregations meet for updates on current initiatives and to plan advocacy strategies.   An outreach subcommittee supports testimonies and outreach to new congregations.  Visitors are welcome to attend meetings.

On July 3, 2013 Good Faith incorporated in the District and is a 501c3 designated organization.  The Board of Directors meets annually and as required for special projects.  The 2015 – 2016 Board includes:  Mark Horak SJ (Holy Trinity, Georgetown), Rev. James Terrell, (Second Baptist), Rev. John Graham (Grace Episcopal, Georgetown), Rabbi Gerald Serotta (Interfaith Conference of Metropolitan Washington) and John Hisle, Executive Director.  Rev. Graham serves as President.  Bylaws have been approved.

How does Good Faith Communities Coalition communicate?
The Good Faith website (www.goodfaithdc.org) provides current information on affordable housing and homelessness issues and advocacy events.  A newsletter highlights Good Faith’s current advocacy initiatives with materials for congregations to use in crafting their congregation’s support.

Frequently Asked Questions:  As we talked with faith communities about Good Faith in the past months, a number of questions have reoccurred.  Here are some answers!  If you have another question, please let us hear from you.  goodfaithdc@gmail.com.

Current Partners:
Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church,  Church of the Epiphany, Church of the Savior, Dumbarton UMC, Epiphany Catholic Church,  Florida Ave. Baptist Church, Foundry United Methodist, Georgetown Lutheran, Georgetown Presbyterian,  Grace Episcopal, Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Jerusalem Baptist, Mt. Zion UMC, National City Christian Church, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, St. John’s Episcopal, St. Matthew’s Cathedral, Second Baptist Church, Temple Micah, Twelfth St. Christian Church, Washington Hebrew Congregation, Western Presbyterian.

Further Information: goodfaithdc@gmail.com.