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The Biblical Roots of Justice conversation earlier this month featured 3 distinguished pastors (Rabbi Bruce Lustig, Rev. James Terrell, Rev. John Graham).  This conversation and the input of more than 80 attendees has lead to a commitment to:

A Journey for Justice – Building a commitment to significantly reduce homelessness in the District of Columbia, 2015 – 2015.

WHY:  Too many children, families and individuals on the street and in shelter in this affluent city.

WHAT:  Good Faith seeks 100 District congregations to embrace and sign the Resolution. This Resolution will form the basis of a covenant  that the signers will take to the new mayor in January asking for commitment to significantly reduce homelessness in each year of their term.

WHO:  There are hundreds of congregations large and small in the District as well as many prayer groups and Bible study groups.  We want all faith communities to be a part of this campaign.

GETTING TO 100:  We need YOUR help to contact congregations you know, introduce them to the resolution and ask them to be part of the campaign. The Introduction to the Resolution will answer most questions.

WHEN: Resolutions should be returned by November 14.  Instructions for returning the resolutions are included in the Introduction.

UNANSWERED QUESTIONS:  John Hisle,, 301-325-8437.


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