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Rev. TerrellOn March 22, 2015 Good Faith signed the Covenant that commits signers to work to significantly reduce homelessness in the District of Columbia over the next 4 years. Now the work begins….for everyone.

From the Prayer service on Sunday: “The one who oppresses the poor insults the Maker, but one who is kind to the needy honors God.

For our community gathered here in prayer, that we may end our silence in the face of injustice and seek justice in our affluent city for our marginalized and often-forgotten brothers and sisters living in extreme poverty.”

Good Faith testifies at the Council Committee Of the Whole Roundtable on the Causes and Possible Solutions to Homelessness in the District of Columbia, January 30, 2015:
“….As faith communities we honor and embrace all people in our community as children of God.  We are hopeful people.  We feel that everyone deserves a home.  It is a human right.  To make this happen, we can and must do better.” 

Good Faith submits testimony at Mayor’s Budget Hearing, February 19, 2015: 
“…Not only must data be collected and used for program improvement, important data must be transparent to the public:  currant data published on platforms that the public can easily access and understand.”

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