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Neighborhood Family Shelters

During the past few months the faith communities of Good Faith have begun to talk about families who are homeless in the District.  The Mayor’s plan to make homelessness “a rare, brief and non-recurring experience” is encouraging.  We know we can do better; this city can really make a difference in the lives of families who are poor and marginalized.  Good Faith strongly supports the neighborhood shelter concept.

The plans and designs for neighborhood family shelters in each ward should be announced soon.  To begin the conversation in congregations Good Faith has prepared 3 documents – use them creatively! They are intended to provide a beginning for discussion, to encourage conversation on this very important topic – neighborhood family shelters.

Shelter Census – January 11, 2016:  998 families with 1815 children lived in shelter and transitional housing – an increase of more than 200 families with 300+ children from the previous month. 1461 individuals were in low barrier shelters on January 11, 2016, an increase of 157 from previous month.

Put the homeless hotline number in your phone:  800-535-7252.
  In hypothermia season (temperature below 32 degrees – Nov. 1 – March 31), the DC Department of Human Services provides shelter or blankets to individuals living on the street.  If you see someone who needs help, alert DHS through the hotline.  You may save someone’s life!


Homeward DC, 2015-2020.  Interagency Council on Homelessness Strategic Plan, 2015-2020.  Read Executive Summary.  Read Quarterly Implementation Update:  September 2015 Highlights.

The Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments published the results of the 2015 Point in Time survey of regional homelessness.  Read summary.


Recently in the news… 

Covenant  –  Congregations who are Good Faith partners commit themselves by covenant to work aggressively to end homelessness.

Biblical Roots of Justice – Foundation of the Journey for Justice an interfaith conversation on homelessness and the Journey for Justice for our neighbors who are without homes (10 minutes)