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Council Considers Mayor’s Proposed Budget

 During April and the first two weeks in May the Council will hold hearings on Mayor Bowser’s FY2016 Proposed Budget.  Good Faith will testify at two Committee hearings – Housing and Community Development (in support of Housing Production Trust Fund) and Health and Human Services (in support of the Interagency Council on Homeless Plan to End Homelessness and extension of the Temporary Assistance to End Homelessness program – TANF).  Read more…….

Decisions:  Committee decisions: May 12 and 13th.  Council vote on operating budget:  May 27, 2015.

Good Faith Budget priorities 2016:  Read more


What’s in the Proposed FY 2016 Budget for Homeless Services?  DC Fiscal Policy Institute Toolkit.

Wilson BldgFive Year Plan to End Homelessness in the District of Columbia 2015-2019.  The Interagency Council on Homelessness (ICH) is an agency within the city government charged with “facilitating inter-agency coordination of planning, policy making, program development and budgeting for the homeless services system in the District of Columbia.”

The DRAFT plan details a ROADMAP to manage homelessness that should result in a significant reduction in homelessness in the next four years.  It is a major step forward in planning, but it is not a quick fix.  Success will require both substantial and adequate funding, particularly in the early years.  In addition, implementation must demonstrate continued commitment to end homelessness as a priority in the government and in the community.  READ EXECUTIVE SUMMARY.

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Biblical Roots of Justice – Foundation of the Journey for Justice: an interfaith conversation on homelessness and the Journey for Justice for our neighbors who are without homes (10 minutes)