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Council Considers Mayor’s Proposed Budget

The Council’s Housing and Community Development and Health and Human Service Committees have met and made recommendations to Council Chairman Mendelson on the agency budgets and programs for which they are responsible.  The Committees supported the Housing Production Trust Fund investment of $100 million and substantial investments in the Interagency Council on Homelessness Strategic Plan, Homeward DC as well as the extension of TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families) benefits for one year for families due to age out of the program. 

The Council Chairman will now produce a comprehensive budget based on the the Committee reports and the latest revenue forecast.  The Council will vote on the FY 2016 budget on  May 27, 2015.

As the Council Chair makes his final decisions, support Good Faith’s priorities and the Committee recommendations:   email to Council Chairman Mendelson


Good Faith testified at two Committee hearings – Housing and Community Development (in support of Housing Production Trust Fund) and Health and Human Services (in support of the Interagency Council on Homeless Plan to End Homelessness and extension of the Temporary Assistance to End Homelessness program – TANF).  Read more…….

The Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments published the results of the 2015 Point in Time survey of regional homelessness.  Read summary.

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Biblical Roots of Justice – Foundation of the Journey for Justice an interfaith conversation on homelessness and the Journey for Justice for our neighbors who are without homes (10 minutes)