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Good Faith 001“…Paradoxically, the ‘revitalization’ that has exacerbated many of the problems has also created opportunities to help solve them.  But marshaling the resources will require extraordinary leadership – someone who burns with a desire to make the city whole, forging eight wards into one that works for the common good….Urgency should be the watchword.” Courtland Milloy, What the vote won’t solve, Washington Post April 2, 2014.

Facts demanding leadership and urgent action:

- The market rate for a two-bedroom apartment in the District is $1,469.  A minimum wage worker would have to put in 137 hours a week, every week, to afford the apartment.  OR a household would have to include 3.4 full-time, year round, minimum wage workers.
- Wages for high school grads fell from $15/hour to $12/hour in the last 4 years and 1 in 5 can’t find employment.
- The richest 5% of DC households have an average income nearly 54 times as large as the bottom 20% of households and nearly 7 times as large as middle 20% of households.
-  713 families with 1389 children were living in shelters, motels, rec centers and transitional housing in mid March.

And the plan is???

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Mayor’s latest initiative:   500 Families, 100 Homes Campaign