Good Faith Annual MeetingOne City for All – Possible?

At its annual meeting, Good Faith Communities Coalition, an organization of faith communities in DC, considers social justice in the city.  How do we as faith communities help create and support an environment and social service structure in the city that allows all residents, as much as possible, to independently satisfy their basic needs.   An ideal never to be realized, or a journey we must undertake? What is my “fair share” in making it happen?

Program – conversation among community leaders who in their professional capacity play a role in creating One City for All:  Elissa Silverman (At-large Councilmember, DC Council), Msgr. John Enzler (CEO, Catholic Charities) and Amber Harding (Attorney, Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless).  Moderator:  Aaron Davis, Washington Post.
October 23rd (Sunday), 2 – 4 PM.  Temple Micah, 2829 Wisconsin Ave NWALL ARE WELCOME.
Further information: 301-325-8437,
Short Term Family Housing in Neighborhoods (DC General replacement).  In last minute action before summer recess, the Council passed a plan for short term housing facilities for families who are homeless – one in each of 7 wards ( B21-620 and Committee Report).Bowser at signing

The Ward 3 short term housing planned for 3320 Idaho Ave. NW prompted the Ward 3C ANC (Advisory Neighborhood Commission) to pass a Resolution in June unanimously opposing the site.   Subsequently on August 23, a group calling itself ‘Neighbors for Responsive Government’ filed a lawsuit with Superior Court
asking for “declaratory judgement and injunctive relief” for failing to give the local ANC prior notice on the fundamental change in the use of property (3320 Idaho Ave. NW) and thus not allowing them to make recommendations on the use of the property.   Ward 3 Councilmember Mary Cheh responded: “The site on Idaho Avenue will, of course, have an effect on the surrounding neighborhood…Although some concerns are likely unfounded…others will require resolution through collaboration between the government and the surrounding community.  But the fact that the site poses challenges is not disqualifying; again there is no perfect site.”
Status of Short Term Family Housing (mid-August): The 7 new short term family housing projects are at various stages of development, but all are underway: mapping the site, RFP for architects to design the facility, zoning requests, community advisory committees established, Good Neighbor agreements planned etc.  All the facilities are expected to be ready for occupancy by 2019.  The Ward 3 site is the only site with community opposition. Information Handout on the importance of Short term Family Housing – and Ward 3 issues.
Shelter Census, July 19, 2016: 884 families with 1708 children resided in shelter or transitional housing on this date.  999 single men and women also resided in shelters.   Mothers receiving TANF benefits (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families) describe their journey to independence.
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Biblical Roots of Justice – Foundation of the Journey for Justice:  an interfaith conversation on homelessness and the Journey for Justice for our neighbors who are without homes (10 minutes)