Looking for common ground for the greater good
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For the past 8 months Good Faith and the Washington Interfaith Network have been working with congregations in Ward 3 on the issues related to the proposed short term housing for families proposed for 2330 Idaho Ave. NW.  Recognizing that there is no such thing in Ward 3 as an ideal site, we talked about how the facility would contribute to the greater good, both in Ward 3 and in the city, as we welcomed and cared for our most vulnerable residents – and the moral imperative to welcome our neighbor.

The final go/no go chapter will take place over the next few weeks as the Board of Zoning Adjustment considers the 3 variances needed before the project can move ahead. It is likely that a facility of some size will be built.  Moving forward – looking for common ground will require a change of focus by all parties.  Good Faith puts forward an unorthodox approach in an “editorial” that is published here first!  Read it now.

Reading list for those confronting a world out of focus.

Shelter Census, February 2, 2017: 857 families with 1767 children resided in shelter or transitional housing on this date.  1401 single men and women also resided in shelters.

New hypothermia hotline:  202-399-7093 OR 311.
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